Working with You

The TWP Client Service Process

At TWP, our focus is on the cultivation of wealth for our clients. It is our primary mission to assist and guide our clients to use their personal wealth and resources to secure the best possible outcome in the various stages of their lives. We work in partnership with you, your family and loved ones and other trusted advisers to consider every aspect of your life to ensure that, together, we build the most robust plans for now and the future.

For us and our clients the process of financial advice is a constantly adapting process that seeks to reduce the negative impacts of life’s challenges as they arise, but also sets out a plan to avoid the common pitfalls that have created challenges for others in the past. We use our ‘Three Circles of Responsibility’ to achieve this in-depth knowledge of our clients’ circumstances.

Each of our clients is treated like an individual and will have different experiences, beliefs and fortune. Each of our clients will face different life journeys and our plans are designed to be robust and agile to meet their needs in both good and bad times. At TWP we seek to ensure that our clients always have a team around them to help and support through all of life’s stages.

While the client journey will be different for every individual with which we work there is a framework to which we adhere, to make sure that any controllable pitfalls are avoided.

  • 1. Responsibility Analysis
    Your first meeting will be spent with your adviser in person, via video conferencing or even on the phone. We have options that will meet the need of as many different circumstances as possible. In this meeting we will get to know you and you will get to know us. We will introduce you to our life stage planning system designed to meet your specific needs also known as 'Now, 3, 10' and our 'Three Circles of Responsibility.'
  • 2. Planning & The Fact Find
    This is where things start to become more ‘TWP.’ We develop a plan in-depth to meet your immediate, mid-term, and long term goals with our 'Now, 3, 10' approach. Our fact find covers all the topics it must from a regulatory standpoint but then we go further into our ‘Three Circles of Responsibility.’ An outline of this process is below. You will see how comprehensive our analysis really is. By going through what you and your other trusted advisers are responsible for we can clearly define what we can help you with and take responsibly for ourselves. This is how we cultivate a relationship and plan that includes all the important people and professionals in your life.
  • 3. Assessment of Risk Profile & Capacity for Loss
    During our meetings, we will also use a simple set of questions to assess your attitude to risk and your capacity for loss. We find that people and their partners all have different thoughts about risk and loss. We build a suitable plan with you that accounts for the risk assessment findings.
  • 4. Implementation
    Once agreed with you, we implement that plan. We don’t continue with the same plan regardless of life stages. Our on-going support and review will enable your plan to evolve as life goes on. Your circumstances may change, and if so, we will change your plans accordingly.
  • 5. Review and Refine
    At TWP we believe, Financial Planning should not just be about taking the most risk you can sustain to get as close to one goal as you can. A financial plan should consider the parts of life that can be controlled, and it should set out to control them. It should also be about the parts of life we cannot control, and it should build in protections and alternative plans to react to, reduce or enhance their impact as appropriate. A plan should go under review as frequently as is appropriate and should be the result of collaboration and care. As a TWP client you will benefit from constant oversight and access to a team that know your plan and have a commitment to help you stick to it. You will always get our very best effort and we promise to be there when things go wrong as well as when things go right.