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Wealth Management Service


Wealth Management Service


As your wealth increases and life throws up unexpected events, it is not unusual for your financial situation to become more complex. Using Total Wealth Planning's full spectrum of advisory services from strategic financial planning to trusts, philanthropy and asset protection, we support you to understand the options available and then, where applicable, implement the best solution on your behalf.

We begin with a holistic analysis of your goals, assets and liabilities, then move on to construct a bespoke plan detailing a solution that outlines how we can support you in remaining on track. It is our relationships that leverage the insights and knowledge of specialists throughout the industry, which makes us unique in the way we deliver Wealth Management advice. Our clients are beneficiaries of the sophisticated yet easy to understand approach we take; generally you will find this is one of the ways we set ourselves aside from other firms that work with investors.

Total Wealth Planning can also help with whom you safeguard and transfer your wealth securely and tax effectively using our Accountancy Specialists and Estate Planners we work in close conjunction. This approach provides our clients with convenience and comfort as there is often nothing more irritating and time-consuming than having to repeat yourself over and over again. We can also work with you and your accountant to tailor strategies that manage your finances in the most effective manner.

Wealth Advice Scenario

  • Wealth creation strategies
  • Theme-based strategies
  • Retirement advice
  • Trusts and intergenerational wealth advice
  • Portfolio optimisation
  • Asset allocation strategies

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