TWP Legal Services

TWP Legal Services

At TWP Legals Services we work with you and your loved ones to ensure the protection of the people and resources that you hold most dear when the worst happens. We work to build and execute a tailored strategy for you circumstances no matter how complicated or straightforward they may be.

The below has been created to summarise the “government standard” of what happens if you die without a Will. This is known as dying intestate:

...To my Family
I hereby leave you all several months, possibly years, of financial hardship and expense, whilst you go to unnecessary lengths to sort out my affairs.

...To my Spouse/Partner
I hereby leave you some (but probably not all) of what I own.

...To my Children
I hereby leave you the remainder of my Estate and give you the authority to enforce the sale of any part of it (including the family home) to realise your Inheritance.

...To Social Services
If my children are orphaned, I give you the authority of Guardianship and the power to choose who shall look after them, including allocating them to foster parents.

...To the Tax Man
I hereby leave you all the Tax that I could have avoided and given to my family.

...To my Bank and/or Solicitor
I hereby authorise you to charge whatever you feel necessary, to sort out the mess that I have left behind. I realise that this could make you one of the major Beneficiaries of my Estate.

...To everyone else
I leave you nothing!

Of course, this is all a little ‘tongue in cheek,’ but the point comes across. When people pass or become incapacitated without the proper plan and protections in place the estate that they have worked so hard to manage and plan for during their lifetime can become a burden, rather than a benefit, to the people that they love.

Without the proper estate planning, your lifetime planning could have been an exercise in futility, so whether we help you put the correct measures in place or simply review the measures that you have put in place with the other trusted professionals you work with, we always want to make sure that we have you and your loved ones taken care of.