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Strategic Financial Advice


Strategic Financial Advice

Building long-term wealth and an income for retirement requires a strategic financial plan that follows a defined path. Total Wealth Planning will advise you on the best possible way of achieving this by following proven steps that ensure the best possible outcomes.


Step 1:
Client Detailing

Using a short questionnaire, we build a picture of your assets & liabilities, income and expenses. We also look at whether retirement is near, or a long way in the future. We discuss any financial dependents and take time to understand the complete situation. Your profile tells us where you are now, and what is required to achieve your goals and objectives. It is regularly reviewed by your dedicated Financial Planner to ensure that it correctly reflects your current situation at the time. This also creates the foundations for a long-term relationship.

Step 2:
Initial meeting

Should we establish that there is a need for strategic advice, our Financial Planners meet with you, typically face-to-face, although we do use technology to conduct meetings online where this is preferable. In this meeting we review your Client Profile to ensure all the necessary information has been captured, including your goals and objectives which for us is key to understand early on. This leads to a discussion on overall strategy, focusing on ideas that can assist you to meet your long-term goals. The meeting concludes with a brief overview of the type of strategy likely to be required. This is an introduction to our services and the ways we can assist you to achieve your desired outcomes. There is no charge for this meeting as the cost is covered by us. It is expected that this type of meeting lasts approximately one hour, although more complex situations may require longer.

Step 3:
Preparation of a Strategy

If you like what you’ve heard in the introductory meeting and would like more detail on the issues discussed, we then prepare a tailored financial plan specifically for you. This detailed document encompasses a review of your current position and builds in your long-term goals and objectives as we discussed them. We explain the steps we see as necessary to achieve these goals and the risks and costs associated in implementing the strategy. It is a recommended course of action, but is by no means the only course of action.

Step 4: Presentation meeting

At the presentation meeting, we walk you through the strategy and our recommendations. We also outline any associated fees with absolute clarity. Throughout the meeting we will check that you understand all of the details. Any questions or objections are dealt with in this meeting so that the necessary adjustments can be made. Where requested, a copy of the advice may also be made available to your accountant so that they can assist in the evaluation of our ideas. We often work with a number of specialists to provide the full holistic planning approach that underpins our service.

Step 5: Implementation

Once we have received an authority to proceed, we seek to implement the plan in an orderly fashion. It is our aim to use our highly-qualified support team to assist with this and track the progress through to completion whilst keeping you updated. This ensures implementation runs smoothly at all times. Our team will liaise with any external professionals, such as accountants and lawyers where applicable, so that you don't need to be inconvenienced and you can entrust us to help place you in the best possible financially-structured situation which is always our main aim.

Step 6:
Review Process

Your investment adviser will remain in contact with you on a regular basis to keep you informed on your investments whilst incorporating your feedback. A full strategy review is scheduled to take place annually. However, earlier meetings can be scheduled if your circumstances change. The review meeting involves a full appraisal of the strategy to ensure that the optimal approach is being taken, adapting to different market conditions and new legislation as appropriate. We like to conduct additional meetings at certain key points in life as applicable to the overall planning, although these are specific to the individual client and agreed during this process.

Step 7:
Feedback to us

We can't continue to deliver to the high standard of service that we do without asking for feedback from those that are uniquely-placed to provide it. For this reason we encourage our clients to frequently review the experience they have had and tell us what we do well or could do better. Through this approach we remain progressive and in tune with our clients needs.