Our Story

Our Story

We are the product
of our people

TWP was established to provide a fully comprehensive financial planning service that concentrated on building a ‘Better Way Forward’ for our clients. We set out to build a firm that was committed to the cultivation of our clients’ wealth.

We are the product of our people. A strong internal culture that promotes honesty in our dealings, pride in our offerings and loyalty to each other and our clients. These values run deeply through the firm and it is each individual within the organisation that makes this possible.

We base our service around understanding the ‘Three Circles of Responsibility' that apply to all of our clients’ lives. We build plans to address their immediate, mid-term, and long-term needs with our proprietary 'Now, 3, 10' process.

It all starts with a conversation. Our clients soon learn how comprehensive our analysis will be. We start by understanding what our clients and their trusted advisers are responsible for. This allows us to clearly define what we can help with and take responsibility for ourselves. This is how we cultivate a relationship and plan that includes all the important people and professionals in our clients’ lives.

Total Wealth Planning is now part of One Four Nine Group

Our Services

What We Do?

Lifetime Planning Journey

It is our primary mission to assist and guide our clients to use their personal wealth and resources to secure the best possible outcome in ...

Investment Philosophy

Totality Asset Management (TAM) is our in-house asset management proposition with all the investment management carried out by our very own Apollo Multi Asset Management.

Areas of Advice

Using Total Wealth Planning’s full spectrum of advisory services from strategic financial planning to trusts, philanthropy and asset protection, we support you to understand the ...

Providing a fully comprehensive financial planning service concentrating on building a better way forward.