Lifetime Planning Journey

Lifetime Planning Journey

The TWP life stages model recognises the changing financial needs and aspirations of our clients as they move through four broad stages of life. We work with you to understand where you are on your lifetime journey, and how this impacts upon your financial goals and plans.

Living and Learning

You are forging your independence and taking on new responsibilities. Your aim is to no longer be financially dependent on anyone but yourself. You stand on your own two feet.
Your needs are likely to be:

  • Enhancing financial education
  • Emergency planning
  • Skills/experience development
  • Goal setting
  • Building financial discipline
  • Establishing savings routines

Independent Growth

You have established your resources and are building a healthy disposable income. You are working to become debt free. In this stage you should already be planning and building for retirement.
Your needs are likely to be:

  • Setting goals for the timing, costs and content of retirement
  • Planning for the funding of retirement
  • Cashflow planning
  • Tax planning

Financial Stability

Your resources are growing, and you will be building steadily towards or already enjoying a well-funded retirement. If you haven’t engaged with a financial planner it is certainly time to begin. Your needs are likely to be:

  • Debt planning and protection
  • Lifestyle protection
  • Disciplined saving
  • Financial resourcing for family
  • Managing cashflows
  • Estate planning

Estates and Legacy

Retirement should represent a time to spend life doing the things that bring you the most happiness. However, estate planning should be a part of every stage of life from the Power of Attorney you register at 18 to the trust planning needed to protect your legacy.
Your needs are likely to be:

  • Cashflow and expenditure analysis
  • Estate and health wishes
  • Tax planning
  • Savings for family members
  • Income planning

Three Circles of Responsibility

A successful wealth cultivation strategy requires a fully informed, collaborative partnership approach between client, planner and other independent advisers. Our three Circles of Responsibility framework sets out clearly the roles and responsibilities of each partner.