Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

Totality Asset Management (TAM) is our in-house asset management proposition with all the investment management carried out by Apollo Multi Asset Management – an award-winning fund manager.

TAM is a nimble offering, built for the purpose of delivering better outcomes for our clients. We are fortunate to have a team that possess the specialist knowledge and experience to invest in the broadest range of asset classes available. We are delighted to be able to offer investments directly to our clients where it is found to be most suitable.

We adopt a forward-looking approach. We are watching for where the global economy is travelling rather than simply analysing from where it has come. As a result, we can take a long-term investment approach, but with daily trading and management we have no time constraints and are free to enter or exit from any market as deemed appropriate.

We believe that by building a diverse portfolio of asset classes using our unique approach, we can provide investors with three distinct benefits. We deliver a well-diversified investment that reduces the risk to capital, a smoother investment return to address sequence of return risk and actively managed exposure to investments with the ability to benefit from both mainstream and specialist opportunities.

We also take a very strict approach to risk management to ensure the highest standards are maintained across all of the TAM portfolios. Once we make decisions to invest in funds, we apply constant oversight to ensure that they are performing as we expect.

We build multi-fund portfolios for our clients. To pick these funds we follow our ‘Three P approach.’ We look at the fund and its...

3P Approach


We don’t pay for managers to closely follow a benchmark. We look for open mandates. We don’t filter by size, manager tenure or external fund ratings, so we can find ideas and managers we believe offer exceptional investment opportunities. We look for fund managers with high conviction ideas that adhere to our views on the future of markets.


We look for strategies that can move unconstrained by traditional filters, but that take repeatable and sustainable measures to ensure that there are few surprises in the outcomes of their strategy. We look for solidity and strong organisation.


We identify key individuals in the investment process, but also take care to identify all the components and contributors to the entire decision-making process. We only invest with an underlying organisation that is run by people we are comfortable to transact business with.

Investment Strategy

At TWP we fundamentally believe that investment markets are inefficient and that opportunities will exist. We have confidence that value can be added through allocating investment across multiple asset classes.

Our Apollo, TAM fund management team will carefully review the merit of each investment idea, keeping in line with the themes followed in our active strategies and then decide on the most efficient way to implement it. The result is that a multitude of investment structures may be exploited to best capture opportunities in the marketplace. We believe that it is always important to decide how, as well as where, the portfolio should invest.

For more detailed information around the TAM portfolios please speak with your Financial Planner at TWP. One should never invest without having gone through all the appropriate suitability analysis. Totality Asset Management (TAM) model portfolios are managed by Apollo Multi Asset Management LLP.