Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often will I see my TWP Financial Planner?
    This will depend on the service you require. Your Financial Planner will discuss this with you and agree a service proposition depending on your needs at the initial meeting. We will complete an annual review of your investment portfolio and financial plan as a minimum.
  • Who are TWP and what experience do they have?
    Total Wealth Planning Ltd is an Authorised Representative of HNW Planning Pty Ltd. Our financial planning team has extensive experience in delivering financial advice to clients with a wide range of financial planning needs.

    Our financial planners hold some of the highest qualifications in the industry and we work to the highest standards in our delivery of advice to our clients. In addition to our financial planners our Senior Management team also have extensive industry experience running similar businesses. They work to ensure that we put the client at the centre of our business, tailoring services to suit you.

    The implementation of our values and ethos encourages a strong internal culture of honesty and integrity, which we believe is necessary to support clients with their financial planning needs. We believe it is vital to ensure we work with the skill and diligence needed to serve you. We are committed to continuous improvement and better client outcomes with a blend of innovation, strong governance and client commitment.
  • How well qualified are your planners and paraplanners?
    TWP Financial Advisers go through a rigorous recruitment and training process to become competent to advise clients. All our Financial Advisers are qualified, as a minimum, to the level required by the ASIC. All advisers are required to maintain, refresh and enhance knowledge through a programme of continuous professional development.

    You can see the levels of qualifications for our team in the meet the team section.
  • Do you have clients that are in a similar position to me?
    At TWP we work with clients with a vast array of experience and that are subject to an equally vast array of circumstances. We will always seek to pair you with a planner that has the most relevant experience to your situation and we work with a network of trusted partners to put you in touch with the right people or services even if we can’t help you ourselves.
  • How do you communicate with clients?
    We like to see our clients face to face, but we also communicate via telephone, videoconference, or email, as is appropriate. Importantly, we have a secure client portal that allows us to share sensitive information with our clients in a reliable and convenient manner.
  • How do I contact you, or make an appointment?
    Please visit our contact us page and we look forward to hearing from you.
  • Can I refer a friend or loved one?
    A large percentage of our clients come to us a referral from our current clients. We have a process to interact with referrals that ensures the privacy of our current and prospective clients. We are always delighted by the trust that is placed in us by our referees. There is no greater compliment and we appreciate it.
  • Is there a cost to an initial consultation with the team?
    No. We are very happy to discuss your needs and objectives before we commence any advice or implementation of planning and we will always discuss any cost or fees for our services before we begin work.
  • Are there options to meet the team at seminars or in group events?
    Our sister company Eulogie provides financial awareness seminars for private and public companies. If your company is interested in this service, we would be very willing to explain how it works.
  • Do you work closely with solicitors, accountants and the other professionals in my life?
    We have several formal and informal professional connections. We can often help you find a trusted professional if that is appropriate. We are also very keen to liaise with the important professionals already in your life as building a collaborative approach to lifetime planning is, we believe, vital.
  • What will happen to my personal data held at TWP?
    Once you have agreed to work with TWP we will ask you to sign our terms and conditions. This provides us with the necessary authority to process your data for the purposes agreed through the terms and conditions of our service. Your data will then be securely transferred and stored in our internal client management system and we may also obtain access to any of your currently held financial products through a change of agency with the product providers. We will process your data in accordance with our HWN Planning's Privacy Policy. A copy of this notice is available on your request.
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