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TWP – Achievement of Standards International Certifications

The service that we provide to our clients is of the upmost importance and in order to benchmark our service and internal processes against the British Standard of best practice the business has entered into a rigorous process of assessment by leading dedicated certification body – Standards International Ltd. Total Wealth Planning is proud to

Overcoming the Challenges to Retirement

What can we do to overcome the Seven Retirement Challenges? People often ask what we can do to overcome the challenges to retirement, but there is no one answer. There is no ‘silver bullet,’ but we can recommend that you seek advice and can recommend that you don’t try and go this alone. We say

Seven Retirement Challenges Explained

Seven Retirement Challenges that you should be considering… Longevity People are living longer but retirement ages are only just changing. This means that we are spending a lot longer in retirement than we used to. In 1948 when the NHS was founded the life expectancy for men was 66 and for women it was 71.

Meet Our Group CEO Simon Youlton

On one of his regular visits to the UK offices in Reigate, Surrey, I caught up with Simon Youlton, Group CEO of Total Wealth Planning (TWP) to get to know him and the company a bit better. Between making and taking calls to Australia and the Far East Simon made an hour for us to

Pensions Jargon – Busted

No-one should be deterred from planning for their retirement by the jargon used in the pension industry. Happily, we’re well versed in turning complex financial terms into plain English. Here we unravel a couple of terms that you may have come across and be unclear about. ANNUITIES – When you retire, you can choose to

The Significance of Study and Self-Development

The ethos of Total Wealth Planning Group is all about putting the client first when advising, communicating and planning finances. These values are upheld and demonstrated by senior management and work their way through to all the team members. With that and the regulatory obligations in mind, it is no wonder that leaders in the

Apollo and Total Wealth Planning Announcement

Apollo Multi Asset Management, a 2018 DeFaqto 5* winner, and financial planning firm Total Wealth Planning, today announced the completion of a full merger creating a combined business with Assets under Management of £450m. The new business will be known as Apollo MAM Group Ltd. Whilst keeping the two business units of Asset Management and